From the first pair of mesh sandals created in an instinctive and basic way to a collection designed entirely by recycling this material brought from the sea. The net has been reinterpreted naturally following the shape of the foot and the leg, combining it with natural and recovered materials, giving life to elegant, comfortable, practical and original models for women, men and children. The insole is anatomical, made of natural cork; the sole is available in two different versions, one made from recycled rubber and the other from recycled vegetable tanned leather.

The sustainability of the materials is combined with a unique style that combines with casual looks both at sea and in the city, but also with long chic and elegant dresses. Also for men and children, Verdura Shoes are the perfect combination of an open and a closed shoe, combining the advantages of one and the other in a single product. To those who ask if they are comfortable we have to respond to them after having worn them the first time: the faces of our customers, sometimes skeptical, are transformed immediately after trying our shoes, which are definitely better at the feet than in the window!



Our shoes are made with fishing nets banned by the European community that we collect, treat and recycle, transforming them into comfortable and original footwear. Like any industrial process, however, we too have material wastes, many small scraps of mesh that cannot be used for our models, but to which we want to give a new life.
From here the idea of ​​UPCYCLING and of transforming these wastes into new, captivating and easy accessories in line with our style, philosophy and mission.

Byron Bay’s lifestyle and atmosphere, where everything begin in 1997, is still my inspiration. Its contagious energy and freshness: the willing to comunicate them with my work never left me. That’s why “Verdura's Eden” come back again for this new collection.
The "Eden" is a representation of love among humans, sharing of experiences. And, above all, a great “joie de vivre”. This all over pattern is used to create beachwear, outerwear and some limited edition clothing pieces. The fabrics used for the collection are regenerated polyester, regenerated nylon and natural materials such as organic cotton.