Verdura Shoes has always been committed to the issue of sustainability. Our shoes are made with fishing nets banned by the European community that we collect, treat and recycle, transforming them into comfortable and original footwear. Like any industrial process, however, we too have material wastes, many small scraps of mesh that cannot be used for our models, but to which we want to give a new life.
From here the idea of ​​UPCYCLING and of transforming these waste products into new, captivating, easy and in line with our style, our philosophy and our mission.
This is how the Verdura Shoes Accessories Line arrived, a funny and growing line of fashion complements made with the small cutouts recovered from the cut of the other models .
We’ve started with  bracelets and rings, simple or rolled up, which can accompany any look, playing with colors, closures and small applications. Then we add backpacks and small bags, followed by big travel bags made with a patchwork of fishing nets combined with natural canvas and cork. Belts and pouches complete the line.
A project to recover the recycled material that will allow us to further limit waste to a more sustainable and cleaner fashion environment!