Welcome to our land made of free spirits, free souls and free love!

Verdura’s Eden is not just a simple print. Is an ode to freedom, happyness, joy and life. The inspiration came from the months spent in Byron Bay, Australia, where everything begun…

It’s a messy composition that plays with naked bodies and vegetables (a game with my surname too, Verdura) in an hilarious and ironic environment. The very first version was designed by Luca Leonetti. The “ambient” version by Francesco Ripoli. The idea comes from Andrea Verdura, of course. We use them long time ago, we reintroduce them for this new collection. The time pass, the spirit is still the same of that Byron Bay’s day.

With this print we give the light to a small capsule collection made of a shirt, a windbreaker jacket and swimwear for woman and man.

The shirt is a classic tailored short sleeve shirt with a special funky twist that make them perfect for casual moments as well as more formal ones. They are all made in cotton in a small company from Tuscany. Everything is printed with serigraphy.

The windbreaker is a hooded light weight jacket made with Econyl regenerated polyester. This fabric comes from fishing net that is recycled and transformed again in yarns and then in light technical fabric with a great touch. We print it in Como with a direct technique that let the colors super brilliant.

Closing the loop with fishing nets we introduce 3 models of swimwear made with recycled polyester. This fabric come from plastic bottles and fishing nets, that are processed to make the yarn and then this super soft lycra. For the ladies we think about “one piece” vintage style, another one more contemporary and a bikini. Also the swimwear are printed with “Verdura’s Eden” pattern.